My Story

     I am Jon Aiken. I sing and play sax, flute, and harmonica, keyboard and bass.  I am also a singer/songwriter and play piano, but mostly as a songwriting tool. I have a CD out called "Welcome to the Real World" amongst other more recently released material. I personally think of my style as Pop or Adult Contemporary with a bit of a jazz edge. I have lived and worked in the greater Cincinnati area for the past 25 years. Music biz luminary Jeff Dowd, President of Music Matters Promotion Ltd., describes Jon Aiken as a "Singer/Songwriter of great depth and soul that we'll see for many years to come."   
     My musical path started with the harmonica when I was 16.  I listened to every style of harmonica player I could find and did my best to absorb their sound and feel.  At 18, I started on flute. This was around the time of Jethro Tull.  At this time, I also took an interest in learning the art of audio recording  and bought my first 4 track reel to reel.  At 23, I picked up an alto sax and have studied and pushed myself ever since.  In the late 80's to early 90's, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and stepped up my game considerably.  I have always worked consistently due to the fact that I have learned 100's of tunes in many styles and from many eras, and focus on what the audience wants to hear.
     At this point and time I am performing mostly solo and occasionally with groups.  I currently have 230 people signed up on my Gig Alert List.  This lets people know where I am playing. I am continually working on new music and invite you to listen to my originals while you visit this site.  If you so desire, I also encourage you to sign up for my Gig Alert List by contacting me at to keep up with where I am currently performing.